Raising Voices - Reveille Men's Chorus

Reverb as Grandsons of the Pioneers - Again!

If you missed Reverb during the holiday show, or want to see them perform again, Reverb has been asked to return as the Grandson's of the Pioneers for another fundraiser - Old Pueblo Radio Show.  Yes, it's many of Tucson's favorite comics with special guest Lupita Murillo.  Fun times for all. Tickets are HERE.

Last year was a sell out crowd, so get tickets early if you can.  Should be plenty at the door still if you arrive early.

Reveille Breaks Audience Records with On Holiday!

It is a good thing Reveille changed venues for it's production of On Holiday! The show saw the grow by over 60% compared to last year's holiday show.  And the audiences just raved. The men are anxiously looking forward to the Spring show, Big Gay Road Trip, to help propel them to major success as they prepare to sing in Denver with nearly 9000 LGBT chorus members from around the world.